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Standard or Braided

Hydraulic Fittings

Atlanta Rubber & Hydraulics Inc.

Our standard or braided hydraulic hose ends range in size from 1/4 up to 1 1/2 inches based on the inner diameter (I.D.) of the hose.
They are designed to be used with most 1 wire and 2 wire hydraulic hoses.
These compression-style hose fittings feature RoHS-compliant plating that make them ideal for a large variety of industrial applications.

Our standard fittings are comparable to: • Dayco HY SeriesDayco SB SeriesWeatherhead U Series

With over 400 different options you are sure to find the right size and style for your hydraulic application.

Select from the styles below for further details, pricing and sizes.

37° JIC


45° SAE

O-Ring Face Seal

O-Ring Boss


DIN Light Universal Seat

DIN Heavy Universal Seat