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Aluminum Quick Couplings & Accessories

Atlanta Rubber & Hydraulics Inc.

Aluminum Quick Couplers are the most popular for their overall quality and economic pricing when compared to poly and stainless steel QC.

Male QC x Female Thread

Part A

 Male Thread x Female QC

Part B

Female QC x Hose Shank

Part C

Female QC x Female Thread

Part D

Male QC x Hose Shank

Part E

Male QC x Male Thread

Part F

Dust Caps

Part DC

Dust Plugs

Part DP

Spool Adapters

Male x Male

Coupler Adapters

Female x Female

Coupler Adapters

Male x Female

Flange Adapters

Flange x Male Adapter


Male Adapter x Female NPT


Female Adapter x Female NPT

Duck Bills


Quick Coupler Handles 


Quick Coupler Gaskets