Water Suction Hoses

Atlanta Rubber & Hydraulics Inc.

These water suction hoses range in material from plastic, PVC and EPDM rubber which are available in bulk hose and coupled with a variety of ends. Atlanta Rubber & Hydraulics can also customize them to your needs. Depending on your specific water application requirements, these suction hoses will get your jobs completed.

If you are looking for Discharge Hoses only, click here.

Green PVC Hose

Lowest Cost
Stiffer – Not as flexible as other hoses

Green and Black Hose

Most Economical
Easy to drag, lightweight & rugged

Kanaline Hose

Clear sidewall with corrugated flexible cover and synthetic braiding

Rubber Suction Hose

Heavy-Duty Industrial hose with a smooth outer cover

Clear & Low Temp PVC

Transparent and “Cold-Flex” Materials Very Low temp for PVC (-40° vs -4°)

All Clear PVC Corrugated

Tighest bend radius with
“See-the-Flow” construction