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Material Hoses

Atlanta Rubber & Hydraulics Inc.

We offer a wide variety of material handling hoses designed for differnt material. Compare the various features to see which material hose is ideal for your needs.

180 AR Hose

Lightweight and Flexible – Easy Drag – Static dissipating with no grounding wire

Cement Powder | Pea Gravel | Sand | Crushed Rock

Amphibian Hose

Wet or Dry Material Handling – Severe Abrasion Resistance – Cold Temp Design

Slurry Handling | Air Seeder Lines | Scrap Recovery | Rock, Gravel  & Sand

Boomer Hose

1/4″ Pure Gum Tube in ALL Sizes
Cold Temp Design

Wet/Dry Abrasives | Vacuum Trucks | Drilling Rigs 

Mulch Hose

Abrasion and Tear Resistant – Lightweight & Flexible – Clear Helix

Bark, Soil, Seed, Fertilizer and other surfacing soil | Water

Hot Air and Material

Temp Range: -40° F – 356° F
Smooth Black EPDM

Plant and Factory Usage
Transport Carriers

Sandblast Hose

Abrasion and O-zone resistant with Pin-pricked Cover

Sand Blast | Shot Blast  | Other Solids and Liquid with Solids

Clear PVC Corrugated

Transparent Construction | Standard Duty Material Processing

Food Grade Liquids | Pneumatic Product Transfer and Conveying Equipment