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Bite to Wire or W Series
Hydraulic Fittings

Atlanta Rubber & Hydraulics Inc.

Bite to Wire or W Series hydraulic fittings are made to work with Spiral or Braided style Hydraulic hoses. The W Series fittings are one of the strongest attachments you can have on hydraulic hose lines.
They get their Bite to Wire since the serrations inside the ferrule act as teeth. The teeth bite into the hose’s wire reinforcement creating a stronger hold and connection than other crimps.

The Bite to Wire hydraulic fittings will be easily categorized, in the meantime select from the filterable list below.

37° JIC

Cat Flange

Code 61 – C61

Code 62 – C62

DIN Heavy 

DIN Light


45° SAE

JIS 30°

O-Ring Face Seal (ORFS)

O-Ring Boss