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Spiral Hydraulic Hoses

Atlanta Rubber & Hydraulics Inc.

Our Spiral Hydraulic Hoses meets SAE Domestic and DIN International Standars.

These braided hydraulic hoses are are made at a US-based manufacturer with a worldwide scope. They are compatible with major hydraulics brands  such as Gates, Parker, Weatherhead and Aeroquip.

These hoses are ideal for higher pressure hydraulic applciation.
They are designed with a unique three-layer construction:
• Oil-Resistant Rubber Core • 4 or 6 Spiral Layers of High Tensile Steel Reinforcement • Wear Resistant Rubber Cover

SAE R12 Hydraulic Hoses

Widest Selection of Hose ID Sizes | Tightest Bend Radius of ALL Spiral Hose Selection | 4 Steel Wire Spiral Layers for High Pressure

EZ Bend 4SK Hydraulic Hoses

Least Force Needed to Bend | 4 Spiral Layers of Steel Wire Braid for High Pressure Hydraulic Applications

SAE R13 Hydraulic Hoses

5,000 psi Working Pressure and 20,000 psi Min Burst for ALL SIZES | 4 or 6 Layers of Steel Wire Braid for High Pressure 

SAE R15 Hydraulic Hoses

Highest Rated WP 6,000 and Minimum Burst 24,000 of Spiral Hoses | 6 Spiral Steel Wire Braided Layers for High Pressure