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KURT TUFF Hydraulic Hose

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Kurt Tuff High-Pressure Hydraulic Hose

Kurt Hydraulics supplies a wide variety of the highest quality high-pressure hydraulic hose. In addition to standard SAE/DIN pressure-graded products, we also have our unique line of Kurt Tuff high-pressure hydraulic hose. Kurt Tuff is our own proprietary design for a high-pressure hydraulic hose that offers more reliable and resilient performance than the standard hydraulic hose.

Kurt Tuff high-pressure hydraulic hose can reach 6530 PSI WP, and 26120 PSI BP, depending on the hose diameter. It is possible to order your high-pressure hydraulic hose with inside diameters ¼” to 1” and operational temperatures that range from -40°F to +212°F. Kurt Tuff high-pressure hydraulic hose is more flexible and 10 times more wear-resistant than standard hose. It is lightweight and more compact to fit into tight spaces for installation. With a high-pressure hydraulic hose from Kurt Hydraulics, you can expect a usable life that is up to four times as long as standard hoses, tested and proven through 1 million impulse cycles.

Kurt Tuff high-pressure hydraulic hose was designed and engineered by Kurt Hydraulics’ in-house development team. It is a truly unique product unlike anything else on the market today. Kurt Tuff’s superior performance and quality give us a distinct competitive advantage in the high-pressure hydraulic hose industry.


Part Number Hose Size (in.) Hose Working pressure (psi)
KT-04 1/4 6530
KT-06  3/8  5585 
KT-08 1/2  5000 
KT-10 5/8  4205 
KT-12 3/4  4060 
KT-16 2900 

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