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Lay Flat Hoses and
Water Discharge Hoses

Atlanta Rubber & Hydraulics Inc.

We provide High Pressure Lay Flat Discharge Hoses, commonly referred to as:
• Lay Flat Hose • Discharge Hose • Backwash Hose • Construction Hose • Pool Discharge Hose and Pump Hoses.

They are perfect for use with water, light chemicals and other industrial, irrigation, agricultural, mining, and construction fluids. Our Lay Flat Hoses are used in a variety of industries for convenient storage and handling use. They are offered in bulk hose with assembly options in common sizes.

The Blue PVC Discharge Hose is suitable for temporary or standby applications.
The Red PVC Hose is heavier duty and suitable for more abrasive application.
The Black Nitrile Hose is oil resistant and features a unique woven construction.
The Black EPDM Hose delivers a constant 150 PSI in All Hose Sizes.
Single and Double Mill Hoses are also available.

PVC Discharge Hose

Economical and Light Duty
30 – 80 PSI (Varies by Hose Size)

Heavy Duty PVC Hose

O-zone and Abrasion Resistant
70 – 150 PSI (Varies by Hose Size)

Nitrile Rubber Hose

Oil, Weathering and Abrasion Resistance
30 – 80 PSI (Varies by Hose Size)

EPDM Discharge Hose

Extreme & Heaviest Duty of All Available
Constant 150 PSI (All Sizes)

Single Jacket Mill

Lightweight 100% Polyester Jacket
EPDM Lining

Double Jacket Fire Hose

Lightweight with Maximum Strength
Abrasion Resistant