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Brewery, Liquid Food & Alcoholic Beverage Hose

Extremely Flexible, Lightweight and High Heat Resistance


  • High Purity tube
  • Easily bends around brewery eqiuipment
  • Designed for super easy cleaning and clamping 


  • Brewery suction and discharge
  • Liquid Food
  • Alcholic Beverages up to 95 Proof


The BREWT Hose Features and Specifications


  • Extreme Flexibility – Uniquely designed for maximum flexibility, bends easily around brewery equipment and works well in tight spaces.
  • Lightweight – Up to 30% lighter weight than similar rubber hoses, while still maintaining 150 PSI working pressure.
  • High Heat Resistance – Chlorobutyl tube capable of handling +226°F (+108°C) on a continuous basis. Allows for sterilization with +266°F (+130°C) steam for 30 minutes or with 5% soda solution.
  • High Purity Tube – Will not impart odor or taste.
  • Smooth Cover – Designed for easy cleaning, no gaps or crevices for dirt or bacteria to hide. Also provides a smooth surface for clamping.

Temperature Range

-22°F to 226°F


Tube: White Chlorobutyl meeting 3A (18-03) and FDA requirements
Reinforcement: High tensile textile cords with specially design embedded helix wires
Cover: High visibility red smooth in a NR/EPDM blend for abrasion and ozone resistance

The BREWT Hose Nominal Specifications

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