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Atlanta Rubber and Hydraulics Inc.

Brass Ball Valves

Full Port and Blow-Out Proof Stem


  • Forged Brass
  • 2 Piece Body
  • Chrome Plated Solid Brass Ball


  • Commercial
  • Light Industrial
  • Water 
  • Air

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ImageProduct NameSKUPriceQuick ViewQuantityBuyhf:att:pa_size
1/4" Brass Ball Valve (Full Port)
1/4" Brass Ball Valve (Full Port)BV04$5.85Quick View
3/8" Brass Ball Valve (Full Port)
3/8" Brass Ball Valve (Full Port)BV06$5.70Quick View
1/2" Brass Ball Valve (Full Port)
1/2" Brass Ball Valve (Full Port)BV08$7.70Quick View
3/4" Brass Ball Valve (Full Port)
3/4" Brass Ball Valve (Full Port)BV12$11.85Quick View
1" Brass Ball Valve (Full Port)
1" Brass Ball Valve (Full Port)BV16$19.75Quick View
1-1/4" Brass Ball Valve (Full Port)
1-1/4" Brass Ball Valve (Full Port)BV20$27.75Quick View
1-1/2" Brass Ball Valve (Full Port)
1-1/2" Brass Ball Valve (Full Port)BV24$40.25Quick View
2" Brass Ball Valve (Full Port)
2" Brass Ball Valve (Full Port)BV32$59.10Quick View
3" Brass Ball Valve (Full Port)
3" Brass Ball Valve (Full Port)BV48$161.95Quick View
4" Brass Ball Valve (Full Port)
4" Brass Ball Valve (Full Port)BV64$286.55Quick View

Additional and Technical Info:

Applications: Ideal for Commercial and Light Industrial Applications

Industrial Steam • Water • Oil • Gas • Air

Features and Benefits

  • Full Port
  • Forged Brass
  • Two Piece Body
  • Blow-Out Proof Stem
  • Chrome Plated Solid Brass Ball
  • Thread Ends Comply Per ANSI B1.20.1
  • Conforms to MSS-SP-110
  • 1/4″ to 4″ Rated 600 PSI Non-Shock CWP – 150 PSI SWP
  • CSA Gas Approved to 2″ (IPS Only)



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