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Atlanta Rubber and Hydraulics Inc.

Steam Hoses and Assemblies


  • Heat resistant
  • Pin-pricked cover for venting
  • High tensile steel wire braids (1 wire and 2 wire)


  • Customization available contact us for more information
  • Male by Male Threaded



  • Transfer saturated steam
  • Up to 270 PSI
  • Up to 410°F


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ImageProduct NameSKUPriceQuick ViewBuyhf:att:pa_sizehf:att:pa_lengths
1/2" x 25 ft Steam Hose 270 PSI 450°F Coupled
1/2" x 25 ft Steam Hose 270 PSI 450°F CoupledE2508E4$83.34Quick View
1/2" x 50 ft Steam Hose 270 PSI 450°F Coupled
1/2" x 50 ft Steam Hose 270 PSI 450°F CoupledE2508J4$158.48Quick View

Additional and Technical Information

Applications: Designed to transer saturated steam

  • Not recommended for washdown applications where detergent or oils are present
  • Do not use for steam cleaner use.
  • Use with superheated steam will shorten the hose life.
  • Properly draining the hose after each use will extend the service life

Temperature Range: -40°F to 410°F

Cover: Black EPDM – heat resistant. Wrapped cover fabric impression. Pin-pricked cover to allow venting.
Reinforced: High tensile steel wire braids (1/2 inch hose has 1 wire and 3/4 inche and above have 2 wire)
Tube: Black extruded EPDM – heat resistant

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