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Hydraulic Hose Cross Reference Chart

Atlanta Rubber & Hydraulics has compiled this hydraulic hose cross reference chart to help you quickly identify the hoses that you need. We are not saying that one is brand or manufacturer performs better than another but use this chart for reference only. This is not a complete list as well and is subject to human error.

To choose the best hydraulic hose for your needs, use S.T.A.M.P.E.D.
(Size – Temperature – Application – Medium – Pressure – Ends – Delivery)

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Industry Standard Gates Parker Weatherhead Kurt Aeroquip
SAE 100R1 G1 481/MX H190 R1S FC211
SAE 100R2 G2 302/BX H290 R2S FC212
SAE 100R3 —- 601 H017 R3 2583
SAE 100R4 GMV 811/881 H039 R4 FC318
SAE 100R5 C5C 201 H063/H069 R5 1503
SAE 100R6 —- —– H009 —– FC466
SAE 100R12 EFG4K/G3K 721 H430 R12 GH493
SAE 100R13 EFG5K 781/78C H470 R13 FC273
SAE 100R16 M2T 431/441 H245 R16 GH781
SAE 100R17 M3K 451 H145 R17 FC639
DIN 20 023-4SH —- 731/H29 H464 4SH
EN 856 4SH
10,000 psi JACK HOSE J2AT JK H421 HJK