Hydraulic Crimp Fittings Cross Reference Chart

FJX-04-04 HY04-04FJ 4G-4FJX 10643-4-4 04U-604
FJX-04-05 HY04-05FJ 4G-5FJX 10643-5-4 04U-605
FJX-04-06 HY04-06FJ 4G-6FJX 10643-6-4 04U-606
FJX-05-05-R5 HY05-05FJ 5G-5FJX 10643-5-5
FJX-05-06-R5 HY05-06FJ 5G-6FJX 10643-6-5
FJX-06-04 HY06-04FJ 6G-4FJX 10643-4-6 06U-604
FJX-06-05 HY06-05FJ 6G-5FJX 10643-5-6 06U-605
FJX-06-06 HY06-06FJ 6G-6FJX 10643-6-6 06U-606
FJX-06-08 HY06-08FJ 6G-8FJX 10643-8-6 06U-608
FJX-06-10 HY06-10FJ 6G-10FJX 10643-10-6 06U-610
FJX-08-06 HY08-06FJ 8G-6FJX 10643-6-8 08U-606
FJX-08-08 HY08-08FJ 8G-8FJX 10643-8-8 08U-608
FJX-08-10 HY08-10FJ 8G-10FJX 10643-10-8 08U-610
FJX-08-12 HY08-12FJ 8G-12FJX 10643-12-8 08U-612
FJX-10-08 HY10-08FJ 10G-8FJX 10643-8-10 10U-608
FJX-10-10 HY10-10FJ 10G-10FJX 10643-10-10 10U-610
FJX-10-12 HY10-12FJ 10G-12FJX 10643-12-10 10U-612
FJX-12-08 HY12-08FJ 12G-8FJX 10643-8-12 12U-608
FJX-12-10 HY12-10FJ 12G-10FJX 10643-10-12 12U-610
FJX-12-12 HY12-12FJ 12G-12FJX 10643-12-12 12U-612
FJX-12-14 HY12-14FJ 12G-14FJX 10643-14-12 12U-614
FJX-12-16 HY12-16FJ 12G-16FJX 10643-16-12 12U-616
FJX-16-12 HY16-12FJ 16G-12FJX 10643-12-16 16U-612
FJX-16-14 HY16-14FJ 16G-14FJX 10643-14-16
FJX-16-16 HY16-16FJ 16G-16FJX 10643-16-16 16U-616
FJX-16-20 HY16-20FJ 16G-20FJX 10643-20-16 16U-620
MJ-04-04 HY04-04MJ 4G-4MJ 10343-4-4 04U-504
MJ-04-05 HY04-05MJ 4G-5MJ 10343-5-4 04U-505
MJ-04-06 HY04-06MJ 4G-6MJ 10343-6-4 04U-506
MJ-05-05 HY05-05MJ 10343-5-5
MJ-05-06 HY05-06MJ 5G-6MJ 10343-6-5
MJ-06-06 HY06-06MJ 6G-6MJ 10343-6-6 06U-506
MJ-06-08 HY06-08MJ 6G-8MJ 10343-8-6 06U-508
MJ-06-10 HY06-10MJ 6G-10MJ 10343-10-6 06U-510
MJ-08-06 HY08-06MJ 10343-6-8
MJ-08-08 HY08-08MJ 8G-8MJ 10343-8-8 08U-508
MJ-08-10 HY08-10MJ 8G-10MJ 10343-10-8 08U-510
MJ-08-12 HY08-12MJ 8G-12MJ 10343-12-8 08U-512
MJ-10-08 HY10-08MJ 10G-8MJ 10343-8-10 10U-508
MJ-10-10 HY10-10MJ 10G-10MJ 10343-10-10 10U-510
MJ-10-12 HY10-12MJ 10G-12MJ 10343-12-10 10U-512
MJ-12-10 HY12-10MJ 12G-10MJ 10343-10-12 12U-510
MJ-12-12 HY12-12MJ 12G-12MJ 10343-12-12 12U-512
MJ-12-14 HY12-14MJ 12G-14MJ 10343-14-12 12U-514
MJ-12-16 HY12-16MJ 12G-16MJ 10343-16-12 12U-516
MJ-16-16 HY16-16MJ 16G-16MJ 10343-16-16 16U-516
MJ-16-20 HY16-20MJ 16G-20MJ 10343-20-16 16U-520
Not Available 04U-254
FPXR-06-06-W 06U-256
Not Available 08U-258
Not Available 12U-262
Not Available 16U-266
FPX-04-04 HY04-04FN 4G-4FPX 10743-4-4 04U-054
FPX-06-06 HY06-06FN 6G-6FPX 10743-6-6 06U-056
FPX-06-08 HY06-08FN 10743-8-6
FPX-08-08 HY08-08FN 8G-8FPX 10743-8-8 08U-058
FPX-08-12 HY08-12FN 10743-12-8
FPX-12-12 HY12-12FN 12G-12FPX 10743-12-12 12U-062
FPX-16-16 HY16-16FN 16G-16FPX 10743-16-16 16U-066
FP-04-02 HY04-02FF 4G-2FP 10243-2-4 04U-202
FP-04-04 HY04-04FF 4G-4FP 10243-4-4 04U-204
FP-04-06 HY04-06FF 4G-6FP 10243-6-4
FP-06-04 HY06-04FF 6G-4FP 10243-4-6 06U-204
FP-06-06 HY06-06FF 6G-6FP 10243-6-6 06U-206
FP-06-08 HY06-08FF 6G-8FP 10243-8-6
FP-08-08 HY08-08FF 8G-8FP 10243-8-8 08U-208
FP-12-12 HY12-12FF 12G-12FP 10243-12-12 12U-212
MP-04-02 HY04-02MP 4G-2MP 10143-2-4 04U-102
MP-04-04 HY04-04MP 4G-4MP 10143-4-4 04U-104
MP-04-06 HY04-06MP 4G-6MP 10143-6-4 04U-106
MP-04-08 HY04-08MP 4G-8MP 10143-8-4 04U-108
MP-05-06 HY05-06MP 10143-6-5
MP-06-04 HY06-04MP 6G-4MP 10143-4-6 06U-104
MP-06-06 HY06-06MP 6G-6MP 10143-6-6 06U-106
MP-06-08 HY06-08MP 6G-8MP 10143-8-6 06U-108
MP-08-06 HY08-06MP 8G-6MP 10143-6-8 08U-106
MP-08-08 HY08-08MP 8G-8MP 10143-8-8 08U-108
MP-08-12 HY08-12MP 8G-12MP 10143-12-8 08U-112
MP-10-08 HY10-08MP 10G-8MP 10143-8-10 10U-108
MP-10-12 HY10-12MP 10G-12MP 10143-12-10 10U-112
MP-12-08 HY12-08MP 12G-8MP 10143-8-12 12U-108
MP-12-12 HY12-12MP 12G-12MP 10143-12-12 12U-112
MP-12-16 HY12-16MP 12G-16MP 10143-16-12 12U-116
MP-16-12 HY16-12MP 16G-12MP 10143-12-16 16U-112
MP-16-16 HY16-16MP 16G-16MP 10143-16-16 16U-116
MPX-04-02 HY04-02MS 11343-2-4
MPX-04-04 HY04-04MS 4G-4MPX 11343-4-4 04U-J04
MPX-04-06 HY04-06MS 11343-6-4
MPX-06-04 HY06-04MS 6G-4MPX 11343-4-6 06U-J04
MPX-06-06 HY06-06MS 6G-6MPX 11343-6-6 06U-J06
MPX-06-08 HY06-08MS 6G-8MPX 11343-8-6 06U-J08
MPX-08-06 HY08-06MS 8G-6MPX 11343-6-8 08U-J06
MPX-08-08 HY08-08MS 8G-8MPX 11343-8-8 08U-J08
MPX-10-12 HY10-12MS 10G-12MPX 11343-12-10
MPX-12-12 HY12-12MS 12G-12MPX 11343-12-12 12U-J12
MPX-16-16 HY16-16MS 16G-16MPX 11343-16-16 16U-J16
MPX90-04-04 HY04-04SP90 4G-4MPX90 11L434-4 04U-M04
MPX90-04-06 HY04-06SP90 6G-4MPX90 04U-M06
MPX90-06-04 HY06-04SP90 4G-6MPX90 11L434-6 06U-M04
MPX90-06-06 HY06-06SP90 6G-6MPX90 11L436-6 06U-M06
MPX90-06-08 HY06-08SP90 6G-8MPX90 11L438-6 06U-M08
MPX90-08-08 HY08-08SP90 8G-8MPX90 11L438-8 08U-M08
MPX90-12-12 HY12-12SP90 12G-12MPX90 11L43-12-12 12U-M12
FJX45-04-04 HY04-04FJ45T 4G-4FJX45 13743-4-4 04U-684
FJX45-04-05 HY04-05FJ45T 4G-5FJX45 13743-5-4 04U-685
FJX45-04-06 HY04-06FJ45T 4G-6FJX45 13743-6-4 04U-686
FJX45-05-06-R5 HY05-06FJ45T 5G-6FJX45
FJX45-06-06 HY06-06FJ45T 6G-6FJX45 13743-6-6 06U-686
FJX45-06-08 HY06-08FJ45T 6G-8FJX45 13743-8-6 06U-688
FJX45-08-08 HY08-08FJ45T 8G-8FJX45 13743-8-8 08U-688
FJX45-08-10 HY08-10FJ45T 8G-10FJX45 13743-10-8 08U-690
FJX45-10-10 HY10-10FJ45T 10G-10FJX45 13743-10-10 10U-690
FJX45-10-12 HY10-12FJ45T 10G-12FJX45 13743-12-10 10U-692
FJX45-12-12 HY12-12FJ45T 12G-12FJX45 13743-12-12 12U-692
FJX45-12-16 HY12-16FJ45T 12G-16FJX45 12U-696
FJX45-16-16 HY16-16FJ45T 16G-16FJX45 13743-16-16 16U-696
FJX90-04-04 HY04-04FJ90T 4G-4FJX90S 13943-4-4 04U-664
FJX90-04-05 HY04-05FJ90T 4G-5FJX90S 13943-5-4 04U-665
FJX90-04-06 HY04-06FJ90T 4G-6FJX90S 13943-6-4 04U-666
FJX90-05-05-R5 HY05-05FJ90T 13943-5-5
FJX90-05-06-R5 HY05-06FJ90T 5G-6FJX90S
FJX90-06-06 HY06-06FJ90T 6G-6FJX90S 13943-6-6 06U-666
FJX90-06-08 HY06-08FJ90T 6G-8FJX90S 13943-8-6 06U-668
FJX90-08-06 HY08-06FJ90T 8G-8FJX90S 13943-6-8 08U-666
FJX90-08-08 HY08-08FJ90T 8G-8FJX90S 13943-8-8 08U-668
FJX90-08-10 HY08-10FJ90T 8G-10FJX90S 13943-10-8 08U-670
FJX90-08-12 HY08-12FJ90T 8G-12FJX90S 13943-12-8
FJX90-10-10 HY10-10FJ90T 10G-10FJX90S 13943-10-10 10U-670
FJX90-10-12 HY10-12FJ90T 10G-12FJX90S 13943-12-10 10U-672
FJX90-12-10 HY12-10FJ90T 12G-10FJX90S 13943-10-12 12U-670
FJX90-12-12 HY12-12FJ90T 12G-12FJX90S 13943-12-12 12U-672
FJX90-12-16 HY12-16FJ90T 12G-16FJX90S 13943-16-12 12U-676
FJX90-16-16 HY16-16FJ90T 16G-16FJX90S 13943-16-16 16U-676
FJX90L-04-04 HY04-04FJ90TL 4G-4FJX90L 14143-4-4 04U-644
FJX90L-04-05 HY04-05FJ90TL 4G-5FJX90L 14143-5-4
FJX90L-04-06 HY04-06FJ90TL 4G-6FJX90L 14143-6-4 04U-646
FJX90L-06-06 HY06-06FJ90TL 6G-6FJX90L 14143-6-6 06U-646
FJX90L-06-08 HY06-08FJ90TL 6G-8FJX90L 14143-8-6
FJX90L-08-08 HY08-08FJ90TL 8G-8FJX90L 14143-8-8 08U-648
FJX90L-08-10 HY08-10FJ90TL 8G-10FJX90L 14143-10-8 08U-650
FJX90L-10-10 HY10-10FJ90TL 10G-10FJX90L 14143-10-10
FJX90L-12-12 HY12-12FJ90TL 12G-12FJX90L 14143-12-12 12U-652
FJX90L-16-16 HY16-16FJ90TL 16G-16FJX90L 14143-16-16 16U-656L33
MF-04-04 HY04-04OM 4G-4MFFOR 1J043-4-4 04U-E64
MF-04-06 HY04-06OM 4G-6MFFOR 1J043-6-4
MF-06-06 HY06-06OM 6G-6MFFOR 1J043-6-6 06U-E66
MF-06-08 HY06-08OM 6G-8MFFOR 1J043-8-6 06U-E68
MF-08-08 HY08-08OM 8G-8MFFOR 1J043-8-8 08U-E68
MF-08-10 HY08-10OM 8G-10MFFOR 1J043-10-8 08U-E70
MF-08-12 HY08-12OM 1J043-12-8 08U-E72
MF-10-10 HY10-10OM 10G-10MFFOR 1J043-10-10 10U-E70
MF-10-12 HY10-12OM 10G-12MFFOR 1J043-12-10 10U-E72
MF-12-12 HY12-12OM 12G-12MFFOR 1J043-12-12 12U-E72
MF-12-16 HY12-16OM 12G-16MFFOR 1J043-16-12
MF-16-16 HY16-16OM 16G-16MFFOR 1J043-16-16 16U-E76
FFX-04-04 HY04-04OFT 4G-4FFORX 1JS43-4-4 04U-S64
FFX-04-06 HY04-06OFT 4G-6FFORX 1JS43-6-4 04U-S66
FFX-05-06 HY05-06OFT 5G-6FFORX 1JS43-6-5
FFX-06-04 HY06-04OFT 6G-4FFORX 1JS43-4-6 06U-S64
FFX-06-06 HY06-06OFT 6G-6FFORX 1JS43-6-6 06U-S66
FFX-06-08 HY06-08OFT 6G-8FFORX 1JS43-8-6 06U-S68
FFX-08-06 HY08-06OFT 8G-6FFORX 1JS43-6-8 08U-S66
FFX-08-08 HY08-08OFT 8G-8FFORX 1JS43-8-8 08U-S68
FFX-08-10 HY08-10OFT 8G-10FFORX 1JS43-10-8 08U-S70
FFX-08-12 HY08-12OFT 8G-12FFORX 1JS43-12-8 08U-S72
FFX-10-10 HY10-10OFT 10G-10FFORX 1JS43-10-10 10U-S70
FFX-10-12 HY10-12OFT 10G-10FFORX 1JS43-12-10 10U-S72
FFX-12-10 HY12-10OFT 12G-10FFORX 1JS43-10-12 12U-S70
FFX-12-12 HY12-12OFT 12G-12FFORX 1JS43-12-12 12U-S72
FFX-12-16 HY12-16OFT 12G-16FFORX 1JS43-16-12 12U-S76
FFX-16-16 HY16-16OFT 16G-16FFORX 1JS43-16-16 16U-S76
FFX45-04-04 HY04-04OF45T 4G-4FFORX45 1J743-4-4 04U-L64
FFX45-04-06 HY04-06OF45T 4G-6FFORX45 1J743-6-4 04U-L66
FFX45-06-06 HY06-06OF45T 6G-6FFORX45 1J743-6-6 06U-L66
FFX45-06-08 HY06-08OF45T 6G-8FFORX45 1J743-8-6 06U-L68
FFX45-08-06 HY08-06OF45T 1J743-6-8 08U-L66
FFX45-08-08 HY08-08OF45T 8G-8FFORX45 1J743-8-8 08U-L68
FFX45-08-10 HY08-10OF45T 8G-10FFORX45 1J743-10-8 08U-L70
FFX45-08-12 HY08-12OF45T 8G-12FFORX45 1J743-12-8
FFX45-10-10 HY10-10OF45T 10G-10FFORX45 1J743-10-10 10U-L70
FFX45-10-12 HY10-12OF45T 10G-12FFORX45 1J743-12-10 10U-L72
FFX45-12-10 HY12-10OF45T 12G-10FFORX45 1J743-10-12 12U-L70
FFX45-12-12 HY12-12OF45T 12G-12FFORX45 1J743-12-12 12U-L72
FFX45-12-16 HY12-16OF45T 12G-16FFORX45 1J743-16-12 12U-L76
FFX45-16-16 HY16-16OF45T 16G-16FFORX45 1J743-16-16 16U-L76
FFX90-04-04 HY04-04OF90T 4G-4FFORX90S 1J943-4-4 04U-A24
FFX90-04-06 HY04-06OF90T 4G-6FFORX90S 1J943-6-4 04U-A26
FFX90-05-06 HY05-06OF90T 5G-6FFORX90S 1J943-6-5
FFX90-06-04 HY06-04OF90T 6G-4FFORX90S 1J943-4-6 06U-A24
FFX90-06-06 HY06-06OF90T 6G-6FFORX90S 1J943-6-6 06U-A26
FFX90-06-08 HY06-08OF90T 6G-8FFORX90S 1J943-8-6 06U-A28
FFX90-08-06 HY08-06OF90T 8G-6FFORX90S 1J943-6-8 08U-A26
FFX90-08-08 HY08-08OF90T 8G-8FFORX90S 1J943-8-8 08U-A28
FFX90-08-10 HY08-10OF90T 8G-10FFORX90S 1J943-10-8 08U-A30
FFX90-08-12 HY08-12OF90T 8G-12FFORX90S 1J943-12-8 08U-A32
FFX90-10-10 HY10-10OF90T 10G-10FFORX90S 1J943-10-10 10U-A30
FFX90-10-12 HY10-12OF90T 10G-12FFORX90S 1J943-12-10 10U-A32
FFX90-12-12 HY12-12OF90T 12G-12FFORX90S 1J943-12-12 12U-A32
FFX90-12-16 HY12-16OF90T 12G-16FFORX90S 1J943-16-12 12U-A36
FFX90-16-16 HY16-16OF90T 16G-16FFORX90S 1J943-16-16 16U-A36
FFX90L-04-04 HY04-04OF90TL 4G-4FFORX90L 1J143-4-4 04U-A64
FFX90L-06-06 HY06-06OF90TL 6G-6FFORX90L 1J143-6-6 06U-A66
FFX90L-06-08 HY06-08OF90TL 6G-8FFORX90L 1J143-8-6 06U-A68
FFX90L-08-08 HY08-08OF90TL 8G-8FFORX90L 1J143-8-8 08U-A68
FFX90L-08-10 HY08-10OF90TL 8G-10FFORX90L 1J143-10-8 08U-A70
FFX90L-10-10 HY10-10OF90TL 10G-10FFORX90L 1J143-10-10 10U-A70
FFX90L-12-12 HY12-12OF90TL 12G-12FFORX90L 1J143-12-12 12U-A72
FFX90L-16-16 HY16-16OF90TL 16G-16FFORX90L 1J143-16-16 16U-A76
FSX-04-06 HY04-06FA 4G-6FSX 10843-6-4
FSX-06-06 HY06-06FA 6G-6FSX 10843-6-6 06U-406
FSX-12-12 HY12-12FA 12G-12FSX 10843-12-12 12U-412
FSX90-06-06 HY06-06FA90T 6G-6FSX90 17943-6-6 06U-446
FSX90-12-12 HY12-12FA90T 12G-12FSX90 17943-12-12
MS-06-06 HY06-06MA 6G-6MS
MS-06-08 HY06-08MA 6G-8MS
MS-08-08 HY08-08MA 8G-8MS
MS-12-12 HY12-12MA 12G-12MS
MB-04-04 HY04-04RA 4G-4MB 10543-4-4 04U-P04
MB-04-05 HY04-05RA 4G-5MB 10543-5-4 04U-P05
MB-04-06 HY04-06RA 4G-6MB 10543-6-4 04U-P06
MB-06-06 HY06-06RA 6G-6MB 10543-6-6 06U-P06
MB-06-08 HY06-08RA 6G-8MB 10543-8-6 06U-P08
MB-06-10 HY06-10RA 10543-10-6 06U-P10
MB-08-08 HY08-08RA 8G-8MB 10543-8-8 08U-P08
MB-08-10 HY08-10RA 8G-10MB 10543-10-8 08U-P10
MB-08-12 HY08-12RA 10543-12-8 08U-P12
MB-10-10 HY10-10RA 10G-10MB 10543-10-10 10U-P10
MB-10-12 HY10-12RA 10543-12-10 10U-P12
MB-12-12 HY12-12RA 12G-12MB 10543-12-12 12U-P12
MB-12-14 HY12-14RA 10543-14-12
MB-12-16 HY12-16RA 10543-16-12 12U-P16
MB-16-16 HY16-16RA 16G-16MB 10543-16-16 16U-P16
MBX-04-04 HY04-04RC 4G-4MBX
MBX-04-06 HY04-06RC 4G-6MBX 10G43-6-4
MBX-06-06 HY06-06RC 6G-6MBX 10G43-6-6
MBX-06-08 HY06-08RC 6G-8MBX 10G43-8-6
MBX-08-08 HY08-08RC 8G-8MBX 10G43-8-8
MBX-08-10 HY08-10RC 8G-10MBX 10G43-10-8
MBX-12-12 HY12-12RC 12G-12MBX 10G43-12-12
MBX90-04-04 HY04-04RC90 4G-4MBX90
MBX90-04-06 HY04-06RC90 4G-6MBX90
MBX90-06-06 HY06-06RC90 6G-6MBX90 10L43-6-6
MBX90-06-08 HY06-08RC90 6G-8MBX90 10L43-8-6
MBX90-06-10 HY06-10RC90 6G-10MBX90
MBX90-08-08 HY08-08RC90 8G-8MBX90 10L43-8-8
MBX90-08-10 HY08-10RC90 8G-10MBX90 10L43-10-8
MBX90-12-12 HY12-12RC90 12G-12MBX90 10L43-12-12
MIX-04-04 HY04-04MF 4G-4MIX 12843-4-4 04U-B04
MIX-04-05 HY04-05MF 4G-5MIX 12843-5-4 04U-B05
MIX-06-04 HY06-04MF 6G-4MIX 12843-4-6 06U-B04
MIX-06-05 HY06-05MF 6G-5MIX 12843-5-6 06U-B05
MIX-06-06 HY06-06MF 6G-6MIX 12843-6-6 06U-B06
MIX-08-08 HY08-08MF 8G-8MIX 12843-8-8 08U-B08
MIX45-04-04 HY04-04MF45T 4G-4MIX45 16743-4-4 04U-B44
MIX45-04-05 HY04-05MF45T 4G-5MIX45 16743-5-4 04U-B45
MIX45-06-05 HY06-05MF45T 6G-5MIX45 16743-5-6 06U-B45
MIX45-06-06 HY06-06MF45T 6G-6MIX45 16743-6-6 06U-B46
MIX45-08-08 HY08-08MF45T 8G-8MIX45 16743-8-8 08U-B48
MIX90-04-04 HY04-04MF90T 4G-4MIX90 16943-4-4 04U-B64
MIX90-04-05 HY04-05MF90T 4G-5MIX90 16943-5-4 04U-B65
MIX90-06-05 HY06-05MF90T 6G-5MIX90 16943-5-6 06U-B65
MIX90-06-06 HY06-06MF90T 6G-6MIX90 16943-6-6 06U-B66
MIX90-08-08 HY08-08MF90T 8G-8MIX90 16943-8-8 08U-B68
MT-04-04 HY04-04MV 4G-4MFA 11143-4-4
MT-04-05 HY04-05MV 4G-5MFA 11143-5-4
MT-06-05 HY06-05MV 6G-5MFA 11143-5-6 06E-755
MT-06-06 HY06-06MV 6G-6MFA 11143-6-6 06E-756
MT-06-08 HY06-08MV 6G-8MFA 11143-8-6
MT-08-08 HY08-08MV 8G-8MFA 11143-8-8 08E-758
MT-08-10 HY08-10MV 8G-10MF 11143-10-8
MT-12-12 HY12-12MV 12G-12MFA 11143-12-12
MT-16-16 HY16-16MV 16G-16MFA 11143-16-16
GT-04-08 HY04-08NV 4G-8FG
GT-06-08 HY06-08NV 6G-8FG
F-JISX-04-04 HY04-04MJPF 4G-4FJISX 1FU43-4-4 04U-04L
F-JISX-06-06 HY06-06MJPF 6G-6FJISX 1FU43-6-6 06U-06L
F-JISX-08-08 HY08-08MJPF 8G-8FJISX 1FU43-8-8 08U-08L
F-JISX-12-12 HY12-12MJPF 12G-12FJISX 1FU43-12-12 12U-12L
F-JISX-16-16 HY16-16MJPF 16G-16FJISX 1FU43-16-16 16U-16L
F-KOMX-04-14 HY04-14KMF 4G-4FKX 1MU43-4-4 04U-14K
F-KOMX-06-18 HY06-18KMF 6G-6FKX 1MU43-6-6 06U-18K
F-KOMX-08-22 HY08-22KMF 8G-8FKX 1MU43-8-8 08U-22K
F-KOMX-10-24 HY10-24KMF 10G-10FKX 1XU43-10-10 10U-24K
F-KOMX-12-30 HY12-30KMF 12G-12FKX 1XU43-12-12 12U-30K
F-KOMX-16-33 HY16-33KMF 16G-16FKX 1XU43-16-16 16U-33K
M-BSPT-04-02 HY04-02BT
M-BSPT-04-04 HY04-04BT 4G-4MBSPT 1UT43-4-4 04U-154
M-BSPT-04-06 HY04-06BT
M-BSPT-06-06 HY06-06BT 6G-6MBSPT 1UT43-6-6 06U-156
M-BSPT-06-08 HY06-08BT
M-BSPT-08-06 HY08-06BT
M-BSPT-08-08 HY08-08BT 8G-8MBSPT 1UT43-8-8 08U-158
M-BSPT-12-12 HY12-12BT 12G-12MBSPT 1UT43-12-12 12U-162
M-BSPT-16-16 HY16-16BT 16G-16MBSPT 1UT43-16-16 16U-166
M-BSPP-04-04 HY04-04BP 4G-4MBSPP 1D943-4-4 04U-P54
M-BSPP-04-06 HY04-06BP
M-BSPP-06-06 HY06-06BP 6G-6MBSPP 1D943-6-6 06U-P56
M-BSPP-06-08 HY06-08BP 6G-8MBSPP 06U-P58
M-BSPP-08-06 HY08-06BP
M-BSPP-08-08 HY08-08BP 8G-8MBSPP 1D943-8-8 08U-P58
M-BSPP-10-10 HY10-10BP 10G-10MBSPP 10U-P60
M-BSPP-12-12 HY12-12BP 12G-12MBSPP 1D943-12-12 12U-P62
M-BSPP-16-16 HY16-16BP 16G-16MBSPP 1D943-16-16 16U-P66
F-BSPX-04-02 HY04-02BPF
F-BSPX-04-04 HY04-04BPF 4G-4FBSPORX 19243-4-4 04U-354
F-BSPX-04-06 HY04-06BPF 4G-6FBSPORX 04U-356
F-BSPX-06-04 HY06-04BPF
F-BSPX-06-06 HY06-06BPF 6G-6FBSPORX 19243-6-6 06U-356
F-BSPX-06-08 HY06-08BPF 6G-8FBSPORX 06U-358
F-BSPX-08-06 HY08-06BPF 6G-8FBSPORX 19243-6-8
F-BSPX-08-08 HY08-08BPF 8G-8FBSPORX 19243-8-8 08U-358
F-BSPX-08-10 HY08-10BPF 8G-10FBSPORX 19243-10-8 08U-360
F-BSPX-10-10 HY10-10BPF 10G-10FBSPORX 19243-10-10 10U-360
F-BSPX-10-12 HY10-12BPF 10G-12FBSPORX 19243-12-10
F-BSPX-12-12 HY12-12BPF 12G-12FBSPORX 19243-12-12 12U-362
F-BSPX-12-16 HY12-16BPF 16G-12FBSPORX
F-BSPX-16-16 HY16-16BPF 16G-16FBSPORX 19243-16-16 16U-366
F-BSPX45-04-04 HY04-04BPF45T 4G-4FBSPORX45 1B143-4-4 04U-44P
F-BSPX45-04-06 HY04-06BPF45T
F-BSPX45-06-06 HY06-06BPF45T 6G-6FBSPORX45 1B143-6-6 06U-46P
F-BSPX45-06-08 HY06-08BPF45T
F-BSPX45-08-08 HY08-08BPF45T 8G-8FBSPORX45 1B143-8-8 08U-48P
F-BSPX45-10-10 HY10-10BPF45T 10G-10FBSPORX45 1B143-10-10 10U-50P
F-BSPX45-12-12 HY12-12BPF45T 12G-12FBSPORX45 1B143-12-12 12U-52P
F-BSPX45-16-16 HY16-16BPF45T 16G-16FBSPORX45 1B143-16-16 16U-56P
F-BSPX90-04-04 HY04-04BPF90T 4G-4FBSPORX90 1B243-4-4 04U-74P
F-BSPX90-04-06 HY04-06BPF90T
F-BSPX90-06-06 HY06-06BPF90T 6G-6FBSPORX90 1B243-6-6 06U-76P
F-BSPX90-06-08 HY06-08BPF90T 6G-8FBSPORX90 1B243-8-6 06U-78P
F-BSPX90-08-08 HY08-08BPF90T 8G-8FBSPORX90 1B243-8-8 08U-78P
F-BSPX90-10-10 HY10-10BPF90T 10G-10FBSPORX90 1B243-10-10 10U-80P
F-BSPX90-10-12 HY10-12BPF90T 1B243-12-10
F-BSPX90-12-12 HY12-12BPF90T 12G-12FBSPORX90 1B243-12-12 12U-82P
F-BSPX90-16-16 HY16-16BPF90T 16G-16FBSPORX90 1B243-16-16 16U-86P
F-BFPX-06-06 HY06-06BPHB 6G-6FBFFX 1B543-6-6 06U-06P
F-BFPX-06-08 HY06-08BPHB 6G-8FBFFX 1B543-8-6 06U-08P
F-BFPX-08-08 HY08-08BPHB 8G-8FBFFX 1B543-8-8 08U-08P
F-BFPX-08-12 HY08-12BPHB 8G-12FBFFX 08U-12P
M-DL04-06-12 HY04-06MZ12A 4G-6MDL 1D043-6-4
M-DL04-08-14 HY04-08MZ14A 4G-8MDL 1D043-8-4 04U-08A
M-DL04-10-16 HY04-10MZ16A 4G-10MDL 04U-10A
M-DL06-10-16 HY06-10MZ16A 6G-10MDL 1D043-10-6 06U-10A
M-DL06-12-18 HY06-12MZ18A 6G-12MDL 1D043-12-6 06U-12A
M-DL06-15-22 HY06-15MZ22A
M-DL08-15-22 HY08-15MZ22A 8G-15MDL 1D043-15-8 08U-15A
M-DL10-18-26 HY10-18MZ26A 10G-18MDL 1D043-18-10 10U-18A
M-DL12-22-30 HY12-22MZ30B 12G-22MDL 1D043-22-12 12U-22A
M-DL16-28-36 HY16-28MZ36B 1D043-28-16 16U-28A
F-DINLX-04-12 HY04-06RU12A 4G-6FDLORX 1CA43-6-4 04U-06C
F-DINLX-04-14 HY04-08RU14A 4G-8FDLORX 1CA43-8-4 04U-08C
F-DINLX-04-16 HY04-10RU16A 4G-10FDLORX 04U-10C
F-DINLX-06-16 HY06-10RU16A 6G-10FDLORX 06U-10C
F-DINLX-06-18 HY06-12RU18A 6G-12FDLORX 1CA43-12-6 06U-12C
F-DINLX-08-22 HY08-15RU22A 8G-15FDLORX 1CA43-15-8 08U-15C
F-DINLX-10-26 HY10-18RU26B 10G-18FDLORX 1CA43-18-10 10U-18C
F-DINLX-12-30 HY12-22RU30B 12G-22FDLORX 1CA43-22-12 12U-22C
F-DINLX-16-36 HY16-28RU36B 16G-28FDLORX 1CA43-28-16 16U-28C
F-DINLX45-04-14 HY04-08RU14A45T 4G-8FDLORX45 04U-08D
F-DINLX45-04-16 HY04-10RU16A45T 4G-10FDLORX45 04U-10D
F-DINLX45-06-16 HY06-10RU16A45T 6G-10FDLORX45 1CE43-10-6 06U-10D
F-DINLX45-06-18 HY06-12RU18A45T 6G-12FDLORX45 1CE43-12-6 06U-12D
F-DINLX45-08-22 HY08-15RU22A45T 8G-15FDLORX45 1CE43-15-8 08U-15D
F-DINLX45-10-26 HY10-18RU26A45T 10G-18FDLORX45 10U-18D
F-DINLX45-12-30 HY12-22RU30B45T 12G-22FDLORX45 1CE43-22-12 12U-22D
F-DINLX45-16-36 HY16-28RU36B45T 16G-28FDLORX45 16U-28D
F-DINLX90-04-14 HY04-08RU14A90T 4G-8FDLORX90 04U-58D
F-DINLX90-04-16 HY04-08RU16A90T 4G-10FDLORX90 04U-60D
F-DINLX90-06-16 HY06-10RU16A90T 6G-10FDLORX90 1CF43-10-6 06U-60D
F-DINLX90-06-18 HY06-12RU18A90T 6G-12FDLORX90 1CF43-12-6 06U-62D
F-DINLX90-08-22 HY08-15RU22A90T 8G-15FDLORX90 1CF43-15-8 08U-65D
F-DINLX90-10-26 HY10-18RU26A90T 10G-18FDLORX90 1CF43-18-10 10U-68D
F-DINLX90-12-30 HY12-22RU30B90T 12G-22FDLORX90 1CF43-22-12 12U-72D
F-DINLX90-16-36 HY16-28RU36B90T 16G-28FDLORX90 16U-78D
M-DH04-08-16 HY04-08MZ16A 4G-8MDH 1D243-8-4 04U-08F
M-DH04-10-18 HY04-10MZ18A 4G-10MDH 1D243-10-4 04U-10F
M-DH06-10-18 HY06-10MZ18A 6G-10MDH 06U-10F
M-DH06-12-20 HY06-12MZ20A 6G-12MDH 1D243-12-6 06U-12F
M-DH06-14-22 HY06-14MZ22A 6G-14MDH 1D243-14-6 06U-14F
M-DH08-16-24 HY08-16MZ24A 8G-16MDH 1D243-16-8 08U-16F
M-DH10-20-30 HY10-20MZ30A 10G-20MDH 1D243-20-10 10U-20F
M-DH12-25-36 HY12-25MZ36B 1D243-25-12 12U-25F
M-DH16-30-42 HY16-30MZ42B 1D243-30-16 16U-30F
F-DINHX-04-16 HY04-08RU16A 4G-8FDHORX 1C943-8-4 04U-58C
F-DINHX-04-18 HY04-10RU18A 4G-10FDHORX 1C943-10-4 04U-60C
F-DINHX-06-20 HY06-12RU20A 6G-12FDHORX 1C943-12-6 06U-62C
F-DINHX-06-22 HY06-14RU22A 6G-14FDHORX 1C943-14-6 06U-64C
F-DINHX-08-20 HY08-12RU20A 8G-12FDHORX
F-DINHX-08-24 HY08-16RU24A 8G-16FDHORX 1C943-16-8 08U-66C
F-DINHX-10-30 HY10-20RU30B 10G-20FDHORX 1C943-20-10 10U-70C
F-DINHX-12-30 HY12-20RU30B 12G-20FDHORX 1C943-20-12 12U-70C
F-DINHX-12-36 HY12-25RU36B 12G-25FDHORX 1C943-25-12 12U-75C
F-DINHX-16-42 HY16-30RU42B 16G-30FDHORX 1C943-30-16 16U-80C
F-DINHX45-04-16 HY04-08RU16A45T 4G-8FDHORX45 10C43-8-4
F-DINHX45-04-18 HY04-10RU18A45T
F-DINHX45-06-20 HY06-12RU20A45T 6G-12FDHORX45 10C43-12-6
F-DINHX45-06-22 HY06-14RU22A45T
F-DINHX45-08-24 HY08-16RU24A45T 8G-16FDHORX45 10C43-16-8
F-DINHX45-10-30 HY10-20RY30B45T 10G-20FDHORX45 10C43-20-10
F-DINHX45-12-36 HY12-25RU36B45T 10C43-25-12
F-DINHX45-16-42 HY16-30RU42B45T 10C43-30-16
F-DINHX90-04-16 HY04-08RU16A90T 4G-8FDHORX90 11C43-8-4
F-DINHX90-04-18 HY04-10RU18A90T 4G-10FDHORX90 11C43-10-4
F-DINHX90-06-20 HY06-12RU20A90T 6G-12FDHORX90 11C43-12-6 06U-62E
F-DINHX90-06-22 HY06-14RU22A90T 6G-14FDHORX90 11C43-14-6 06U-64E
F-DINHX90-08-24 HY08-16RU24A90T 8G-16FDHORX90 11C43-16-8 08U-66E
F-DINHX90-10-30 HY10-20RU30B90T 10G-20FDHORX90 11C43-20-10 10U-70E
F-DINHX90-12-36 HY12-25RU36B90T 12G-25FDHORX90 11C43-25-12 12U-75E
F-DINHX90-16-42 HY16-30RU42B90T 16G-30FDHORX90 11C43-30-16 16U-80E
C61-08-08 HY08-08PA 8G-8FL 11543-8-8 08U-G08
C61-08-12 HY08-12PA 8G-12FL 11543-12-8
C61-12-12 HY12-12PA 12G-12FL 11543-12-12 12U-G12
C61-12-16 HY12-16PA 12G-16FL 11543-16-12 12U-G16
C61-16-16 HY16-16PA 16G-16FL 11543-16-16 16U-G16
C61-16-20 HY16-20PA 16G-20FL 11543-20-16 16U-G20
C6145-08-08 HY08-08PA45 8G-8FL45 11743-8-8 08U-G41
C6145-08-12 HY08-12PA45 8G-12FL45 11743-8-12
C6145-12-12 HY12-12PA45 12G-12FL45 11743-12-12 12U-G42
C6145-12-16 HY12-16PA45 12G-16FL45 11743-16-12 12U-G46
C6145-16-16 HY16-16PA45 16G-16FL45 11743-16-16 16U-G46
C6145-16-20 HY16-20PA45 16G-20FL45 11743-20-16 16U-G50
C6190-08-08 HY08-08PA90 8G-8FL90 11943-8-8 08U-G71
C6190-08-12 HY08-12PA90 8G-12FL90 11943-12-8
C6190-12-12 HY12-12PA90 12G-12FL90 11943-12-12 12U-G72
C6190-12-16 HY12-16PA90 12G-16FL90 11943-16-12 12U-G76
C6190-16-16 HY16-16PA90 16G-16FL90 11943-16-16 16U-G76
C6190-16-20 HY16-20PA90 16G-20FL90 11943-20-16 16U-G80

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