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Atlanta Rubber and Hydraulics Inc.

Vacuum Truck Hoses and Fittings

Atlanta Rubber and Hydraulics is specialized in the vacuum truck industry. Select from our curated product list of fittings, hoses, hose assemblies, valves, couplers, adapters, and clamps for your vacuum truck needs.

Whether you’re in the hydro excavation business or require reliable components for your vacuum truck, we’ve got you covered. The most popular hose is the Boomer Hose. 

Hydrovac Hose & Assemblies

We have wide range of hydrovac hoses and assemblies available in different lengths and are designed to withstand the most demanding industrial applications. Our suction hoses are durable, flexible, and built to ensure maximum suction power and longevity to withstand the toughest of environments. Choose from various sizes, lengths, and materials to suit your specific requirements. 

No matter the job, Atlanta Rubber and Hydraulics has a hose option that will let you get the job done with many industrial and municipal vacuum hoses in stock. Contact us today to find out more!

Industrial Hose Suction and Transfer EPDM 

Rubber Transfer and Suction

Sewer Cleaning and Jetting 

PVC Layflat  (Discharge Only)

Rubber Discharge

Rubber Vacuum Hose and Abrasion Resistant

Urethane Transfer (for Abrasives)

Vacuum Truck Fittings, Couplers, Adapters

Vacuum trucks mostly use camlocks, but if you are looking for something special let us know. 

Browse our collection of hydrovac truck fittings, couplers, and adapters to create a seamless connection between hoses, nozzles, and other components. Our fittings are precision-engineered for a secure and leak-free operation, ensuring efficiency in your vacuum truck operations.

Hydrovac Truck Valves

Our vac truck valves will regulate the flow of materials within your vacuum system. We offer a variety of valve options, including ball valves, butterfly valves, and gate valves, all designed to meet heavy-duty industry standards for reliability and performance.

Industrial Valves

If you can’t find the industrial vacuum hose that you need, please reach out to us and we will find the exact hose that you need.

Piston and Gates Valves – Lever Operated

Heavy Duty Bolt and Gear Clamps

For a secure and tight seal, explore our selection of bolt and gear clamps. These clamps are ideal for fastening hoses to fittings and ensuring a leak-free connection. Choose from various sizes and materials to suit your specific hose and fitting combination.

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