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Gates MXT-XTP Hydraulic Hoses

Atlanta Rubber & Hydraulics Inc.

The Gates MXT Hydraulic Hose with XtraTuff Plus Cover

  • More flexible with up to 40% lower force-to-bend for faster and more ergonomic installation
  • Up to 30% lighter weight for easier handling
  • Tested to 3X impulse criteria (600,000 cycles)
  • Consolidate inventory with a universal, multiuse hose
  • Compatible with MegaCrimp™ Couplings and Gates® Crimpers

Atlanta Rubber and Hydraulics offers the MXT XtraTuff Plus hose in bulk hose or we can tailor make a hose assembly solution for your needs. Reach out to us today to get a quote for what you need.

Abrasion Resistance

Abrasion is the #1 reason hydraulic hoses fail.

The Gates XtraTuff Plus Cover is their toughest cover yet.
It offers 25 times more abrasion resistance than their standard hose.

O-Zone Resistance

Hose exposure to the zone elements can cause hydraulics to crack and leads to premature hose failure.

The XtraTuff Pluss cover has an increased resistance to ozone keeping your assemblies and equipment operating longer!

Chloroprene Free

The XTP cover has it’s excellent temerature, abrasion, and ozone resistance without the use of chloroprene.

The Gates MXT-XTP hose is lighter, stronger, and more flexible than canventional hydraulic hoses. It is made with dense wire-braid reinforcement and it is a universally applicable premium hose that offers performace above industray standards.

The MXT-XTP hose was specifically designed and engineered for multiple application usage and allows you to consolidate stock inventory while giving you exactly what you in need in a hose, when you need it.

The XTP or XtraTuff  Plus cover on the MXT hose means that it can perform longer on the most demanding applications  and also offers enhanced ozone resistance and 25 times more abrasion resistance.