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Atlanta Rubber and  Hydraulics Inc.

Hoses with Bauer Couplings

For Pump and Power Applications

We can put Bauer Ends on many different types of hoses. The products shown are the most popular. We can make custom hoses that are coupled with bauer ends or with other couplings that you need as well. Contact us at for quotes and/or further information.


  • Many are Factory Direct shipped
  • Fabricated in the USA
  • Custom Assemblies for what you need


  • Bauer Style Fittings
  • Male by Female Bauer Ends
  • Lever Locking


  • Dewatering
  • Rental Companies
  • Construction
  • Material Bypass


We have many options for hoses with Bauer Ends 
There is a contact form for additional customizations at the bottom of this page.

Orange and Clear Hoses with Bauer Ends – Additional and Technical Info:

Applications: Water suction and water transfer

Highly popular in the construction and rental markets

Temperature Range: -13°F to 140°F

Construction: Flexible PVC and rigid PVC helix with synthteic braiding. Smooth bore with a corrugated uter Diameter

Lightweight and Flexible – External Helix provides for an easy drag – Clear sidewall allows for a visual check of material flow and stoppage.

Nitrile Discharge Hoses with Bauer Ends – Additional and Technical Info:

Applications: Dewatering operations – Irrigation – Sewage and general pumping

Highly popular in the construction and rental markets.

Temperature Range: -4°F to 176°F

Construction: Hose is constructed using an “extruded Thru the Weave” ETW manufacturing process.
Tube: Blend of synthetic elastomers, smooth, oil resistant, black
Cover: Blend of synthetic elastomers compound with a ribbed finish
Reinforcement: Single high tensile textile braid

A dependable and durable, yet lightweight and flexible solution for high volume and high pressure water transfer

Standard lengths in 100 feet – longer lengths are available per request.

Need Further Customization