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Jackhammer & Bull Hoses

Atlanta Rubber & Hydraulics Inc.

Our jackhammer hose assemblies are a standard 3/4 inch and available in high visibility colors of blue, red and yellow with black also avaialble. The jack hammer assemblies are rated at 200 – 300 PSI with Chicago fittings.

*** Chicago fittings can also be refered to as Glad Hands, Crowsfoot, Air Tool couplings/fittings and Universal Fittings to name a few. ***

The bull hoses are available from 3/4  to 4 inches. Selected hoses sizes may have a choice of FABRIC or WIRE braided. Our most common Bull Hose assemblies are in 1 – 1/2 and 2 inches in 50 foot lengths with a choice of male by male, female by female. or female by male ends.

Atlanta Rubber and Hydraulics can customize jackhammer and bull hoses to your specifications.

Precoupled Jack Hammer Assemblies

200 – 300 PSI

Bull Hoses and Assemblies

Textile/Fabric 300 PSI & Wire 450 – 600 PSI