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MegaCrimp British Fittings

Gates MegaCrimp® couplings have a unique, patented seal that prevents leaks. The key to their effectiveness is the “C” insert inside the coupling. This insert allows them to work with hoses of various thicknesses and constructions. It also distributes the crimping force evenly, creating a tight, circular seal.

This means you can use one size of MegaCrimp coupling for many different hose sizes, both for one and two-wire hoses, making your inventory simpler. Plus, these couplings meet EN-performance standards.
MegaCrimp Fittings Features and Benefits:

Hydraulic leaks often happen when coupling nuts or seats crack from being tightened too much. Gates® addresses this with their Full-Torque Nut™ technology in MegaCrimp® and GlobalSpiral® couplings.
MegaCrimp couplings raise the bar for hydraulic couplings with their “C” insert, which guarantees leak-free, even crimping.
These Fittings have proven their durability by exceeding one million impulse cycles in testing.

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