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Aluminum Dust Plugs Quick Couplings Part DP

Designed for Changing Out Hose Lines Quickly and Easily


  • Aluminum alloy for high tensile strength, lightness and durability
  • Complies with Mil-Spec A-A-59326 for interchangeability except 1/2″, 5″ and 8″


When ordered with a hose assembly, they’re double-banded for:

  • Extra Protection
  • Better Hose End Fit
  • Additional Strength


  • Pumper
  • Rental
  • Construction
  • Material Handling
  • Irrigation and many others

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The Aluminum Dust Plugs Quick Couplers Part DP are automatically sorted from 1 1/2 to 6 inches.

ImageProduct NameSKUPriceQuick ViewQuantityBuyhf:att:pa_size
3/4" Aluminum Dust Plug (Part DP)
3/4" Aluminum Dust Plug (Part DP)AH12$4.00Quick View
1" Aluminum Dust Plug (Part DP)
1" Aluminum Dust Plug (Part DP)AH16$3.70Quick View
1 1/4" Aluminum Dust Plug (Part DP)
1 1/4" Aluminum Dust Plug (Part DP)AH20$5.40Quick View
1 1/2" Aluminum Dust Plug (Part DP)
1 1/2" Aluminum Dust Plug (Part DP)AH24$3.50Quick View
2" Aluminum Dust Plug  (Part DP)
2" Aluminum Dust Plug (Part DP)AH32$4.45Quick View
2 1/2" Aluminum Dust Plug (Part DP)
2 1/2" Aluminum Dust Plug (Part DP)AH40$8.70Quick View
3" Aluminum Dust Plug  (Part DP)
3" Aluminum Dust Plug (Part DP)AH48$7.10Quick View
4" Aluminum Dust Plug  (Part DP)
4" Aluminum Dust Plug (Part DP)AH64$11.75Quick View
6" Aluminum Dust Plug  (Part DP)
6" Aluminum Dust Plug (Part DP)AH96$29.20Quick View

Additional and Technical Info:

Applications: To be used with most hose assemblies that are in:

Agriculture • Chemicals • Petroleum • Construction • Material Handling • Irrigation • Fracking • Rental Companies • Pumper and Septic Companies

Features and Benefits:

  • All sizes except 1/2″, 5″ and 8″ comply with Mil-Spec A-A-59326 for interchangeability
  • 5″ Size complies with ASTM specs for interchangeability
  • 1/2″ x 1/2″ are not specified under Mil Specs
  • All 8″ and 10″ female couplers supplied with 4 locking handles, safety clips, pull rings and chains
  • Aluminum alloy is specially designed for high tensile strength, lightness and rigidity
  • Locking feature using safety clips to prevent disconnection during use on all sizes except 1/2″
  • Hose shanks specially designed for easy assembly with Tigerflex type hoses
  • Aluminum couplings supplied with brass handles which results in less wear on connecting parts

Material Specifications

ASTM B85 Grade 383 aluminum alloy
• Forged brass handles – aluminum items
• Type 304 stainless steel handles – ALSH items
• Zinc-plated carbon steel handle pins
• Zinc-plated carbon steel pull rings
• Zinc-plated carbon steel safety clips
• Buna-N Gaskets


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