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37 Flare (JIC)
O-Ring Boss (ORB)
O-Ring Face Seal (ORFS)

JIC 37° Flare (JIC)

JIC, or Joint Industry Council, fittings are commonly used in most fluid power systems. This leads to many advantages:

  • Readily available
  • Variety of shapes, sizes, combinations and materials
  • JIC sizes are consistent with SAE fittings and can be interchangeable,
  • Repeated disconnections and reconnections without deforming, making it easy to use in applications where equipments is frequently changed and swapped.
  • Easy to maintain and install.
  • No o-ring makes the JIC fittings ideal in high temperature applications.
  • Cost effective.

Downsides of JIC Fittings

  • JIC metal-to-metal sealing design limits these couplings to hydraulic, fluid and non-critical applications.
  • They are capable of flare damage and cracking from over-tightening.
  • Lower pressure rating than required in some instances such as high vibration applications.

The JIC 37° flare male will only mate with a JIC female. The JIC male has a straight threads and a 37° flare seat.
The JIC female has straight threads and a 37° flare seat. The seal is made on the 37° flare seat.

Some sizes have the same threads as the SAE 45° flare, and can be mistaken for SAE 45° fittings. Precisely measure the seat angle to differentiate carefully.

Commonly Confused with Army Navy Fittings

Army Navy or AN fittings are commonly mistaken for JIC fittings. While they are dimensionally identical, the AN fittings call for military standards that have tighter tolerances and all fittings types are specifiaclly defined.

JIC and AN fittings are NOT interchangeable. One fitting type or style should not be used for the other as the connection will unsafe and will not create a leak resistant seal.

Interestingly, JIC fittings do use AN specifications as a baseline for their standards and also covers fewer sizes.

JIC Thread Chart

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O-Ring Boss

The O-ring boss male will mate with an O-ring boss female only. The female is generally found on ports.

The male has straight threads, a sealing face and an O-ring. The female has straight threads and a sealing face. The seal is made at the O-ring on the male and the sealing face on the female.

O-Ring Boss Thread Chart

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O-Ring Face Seal (ORFS)

The solid male O-ring face seal fitting will mate with a swivel female O-ring face seal SAE J1453 fitting only.

An O-ring rests in the O-ring groove in the male. A seal is made when the O-ring in the male contacts the flat face on the female.

O-Ring Face Seal Thread Chart

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JIC Fittings for 1 and 2 Wire Hoses

Our JIC fittings are common for many fluid and hydraulic power systems/ They are cost effective, easy to crimp and are interchangeable with many common fittings such as the now discontinued Weatherhead U Series.

JIC Fittings for 4 and 6 Wire Hoses

These fittings are Bite-to-Wire style which do not require skivving on larger and thicker hydraulic hoses. These are designed to crimp effeciently while maintaining a strong “bite” on the hose without damage.

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