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The following data is based on tests and believed to be reliable; however, we emphasize that the tabulation should be used as a guide only, since it does not take into consideration all variables such as elevated temperatures, fluid contamination, concentration, etc. that may be encountered in actual use. All critical applications should be tested. Contact ALFAGOMMA for recommendation and assistance.

Key to the FDA Liquid Material Compatibility Chart

Key to General Chemical Resistance Chart – all data based on 20° C/68° F unless noted provided by the manufacturer.

  • E – Excellent
  • G – Good; F – Fair
  • C – Conditional
  • I – Insufficient Data
  • X – Not Recommended
  • Blank – No Data

Alfagomma@ hoses are produced using silicone free release agents.

*** This compatibility chart is provided by the manufacturer and is subject to change.