6″ x 15 ft Clear Low Temperature PVC Suction Hose Assembly: Male x Female QC Alum


Hose ID: 6 Inch
Hose Length: 15 Feet
Hose Ends: Part C x Part E (Double Banded when assembled.)

  • Very Flexible with “Cold-Flex” materials
  • Transparent hose construction for “See-the-flow” visual confirmation

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Clear and Low Temperature Suction Hose

Suitable extreme cold conditions when compared to our Green PVC Suction hose.


  • Dredging Use
  • Construction
  • Dewatering
  • Extremely Cold or Freezing Water Suction – Standard Duty
  • Pumps and Rentals
  • Salt and Freshwater Maring Use
  • Septic Suction
  • Cold Temperature Usage

Temperature Range: -40°F to 140°F

ConstructionPVC tube with rigid PVC helix with “Cold-Flex” Materials, Smooth Outer Cover (sizes 1 – 4 inches) provides increased pressure rating and smooth surface banding,

Manufactured: All phthalate free materials

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Weight 37.98 lbs